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Power Bite Sample

Power Bite Sample

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Fuel your dog's adventures with Pawstries' Power Bites, available in premium proteins of venison and bison. These protein-packed, all-natural treats are designed to support your dog's energy and health. Made with the finest ingredients, Power Bites are gluten-free and perfect for active dogs needing a nutritious boost. Try our convenient sample-size packaging to see which flavor your dog prefers. Give your canine companion the power-packed treat they crave with Pawstries' Power Bites.

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Who should choose Nutty Buddy Dog Treats?

These dog treats are perfect for

Dogs with gluten allergies

Dogs with sensitive stomachs

Dogs that love animal protein

Dog training


These dog treats are intended for intermittent feeding as a snack, treat, or reward. Incorporate them into your dog's routine to provide a healthy and delicious experience.