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Where we believe in nourishing your furry friend with our all-natural, gluten-free, dehydrated, homemade dog and cat treats.


Loved By Pets • Trusted By Pet Parents

Pawstries grew out of our love for our own animals and we understand the special bond between pets and their owners and we want to continue to encourage that kind of love in everyone.

We are driven to providing healthy and delicious snacks that are crafted with all-natural ingredients for your furry companion.

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Why Pawstries?

Your Furry Friend Deserves The Best

At Pawstries, we craft homemade dog and cat treats because we believe your furry friend deserves a healthy and delicious treat!

Our motto: "If we as humans have healthy and delicious snack options, our pets deserve the same!"

All-Natural and Gluten-Free Ingredients

All of our dog and cat treats are crafted with 100% all-natural and gluten-free ingredients!

Our treats are free from artificial preservatives, colors, and fillers, providing your companion with the best possible option for a healthy and delicious snack!

Sustainable Packaging

All of our product packaging can either be recycled, reused, or repurposed! We use biodegradable packing peanuts and recyclable boxes and bubble mailers!

Once your treat jar is empty, you can simply soak off the label with soap and warm water, rinse, and repurpose the jar for other uses around your home or you can order a refillable bag of pet treats to refill your treat jar!

Michigan Made

Our company is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan! We offer local delivery to our Detroit and Metro Detroit Customers!

Not located in Detroit? No problem! We offer shipping (FREE on orders over $30)

Questions on your mind? how may we help?

Pawstries FAQ

Are the treats all-natural?

YES! Here at Pawstries, we make all of our pet treats with 100%all-natural and gluten-free ingredients! The dog and cat treats DO NOT contain any artificial preservatives, chemicals, or hormones.

What is the shelf life?

Pawstries are to be stored in a dark, cool, and dry place for the best shelf life of up to 12 months

Are the pet treats soft?

The pet treats are dehydrated, so they have more of a crisp and crunchy texture, but they are easily breakable to be enjoyed by any breed of dog and cat.

What can I do with the empty treat jar?

We're so glad you asked!  Our product packaging can be recycled, reused, or repurposed!

Once your treat jar is empty, soak off the label with soap and warm water, rinse, and repurpose it for other uses around your home!

We also have refillable treats for purchase and subscription options for all of our pet treats.

For a subscription, the first order you receive will come with the glass jar, and for every monthly order following, you will receive the treats in a vacuumed sealed bag to replenish the jar.